ASEED Volunteers Participate in Women’s Day Celebration in Konene

ASEED Admin, Thu 23rd, Jun 2016, 04:46

A preparatory meeting was held in Konene Integrated Health Centre on the March 1st 2016. In attendance was the Chief of Centre for Konene health center and Achain health Centre together with 30 ASEED Community volunteers. Some resolutions were agreed upon:

  • To march using ASEED T-shirts or any other T- shirt carrying health messages.
  • A March pass rehearsal was to be done on the morning of 8th March with songs carrying health related messages.
  • A health talk was to be prepared and delivered by the Chief of Health centers of Konene and Achain respectively.
  • Volunteers agreed to contribute 500 FRS each to boast entertainment after the March pass.
  • The two Chiefs of Centers were to assist them whenever need arise

The Women’s Day Proper

Most volunteers came in between 9:00am to 10:30am from the various angles of the health area. There was a brief rehearsal of song to be use for March pass. The general population was gradually increasing in number but the moment the traditional and municipal authorities together with DO’s representative who finally entered the grandstand at 11:30am, the National Anthem was sang followed by the women’s anthem.

Speeches followed in this order which began with;

  • The President Women’s Network Konene (Upper Bum)
  • The Lord Mayor (2nd Deputy) Fonfuka Council
  • The DO’s representative
  • The theme of the Day was elaborated upon by a member of the women’s network.

At the level the health tem was invited to deliver a talk – HIV/AIDS and Cancer with more focus on women’s health. The assignment was carried out by the Chief of Centre for Konene and Achain health Centers. There was question and answer session following the health talks. Issues based were answered to the satisfaction of everyone.

At that moment the March pass started with the military women taking the lead closely followed by ASEED Volunteers who march in uniforms with health related messages except some few individuals who did not have theirs. They also sang beautifully as they march pass in front of the grandstand using sign boards with messages on HIV and AIDS.

At 4:30pm all volunteers the DO’S representatives and other dignitaries assembled at the reception hall for the volunteers. Everybody ate to their satisfaction and drink enough.

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