Bobe Waindim makes a Donation to women in Nuifor

1, Wed 20th, Apr 2022, 09:23

On the 10th of April 2022, just after Sunday service in the soothing neighbourhood of Nuifor, Belo Sub Division, some of the village's women assembled in the compound of Bobe Timothy Waindim to receive maize seeds and buckets donated to them by ASEED.

The beautiful and hardworking ladies received greetings from the donor through his representative as Bobe Waindim unfortunately could not be present for obvious reasons. He however sent word that he prays for complete peace to return to the village so that he can personally be present in such subsequent events. He equally received a word of appreciation through their spokesperson for always standing by them and best wishes from the bottom of their hearts.

Through activities like these, Bobe Waindim continues to keep alive the memories and legacy of the works of his lovely wife and founder of ASEED (of blessed memory) in hopes to further her dream of ensuring the protection of rights of women, youth, girls and children in the domain of social, economic and environmental justice geared towards sustainable development.

See Pictures from the Donation here